Kamwangi AA, Kenya


A dark berry intensity and jammy concentration gives way to fruits of the forest and sweet stewed rhubarb. A cola nut and lime vibrancy lifts and completes.


While it's always disappointing to have the end of the Kenyan coffee season in sight, we're exceedingly pleased to have an intense and jammy lot from the Kamwangi washing station as our fourth and final Kenyan offering of the year.

Located in Kirinyaga county, but right on the border with Embu, the Kamwangi washing station is managed by the New Ngariama Co-op Society, and if that name feels familiar, trust your instincts. The same organisation running Kamwangi also operates the Kainamui washing station — a perennial favourite of ours, and a coffee we've been buying for some years.

It's pretty common to hear roasters talk about 'that classic Kenyan profile', which can often feel a bit limiting. Kenyan coffees can run the full gamut of characteristics and styles, from soft, delicate, and elegant through to intense and brooding — a spectrum our range this season has covered wonderfully.

That said, if you were to try to reduce the essence of Kenyan coffee down to a single cup, you could do worse than putting Kamwangi forward as a contender for the job. Think dark berry intensity, jammy concentration, sweet stewed rhubarb, and a cola nut and lime vibrancy.

As our final hurrah for this year's Kenyan coffee season, Kamwangi is a wonderful note to finish on, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!



Kirinyaga, Kenya


New Ngariama Co-operative Society


SL28, SL34, Batian




December - February, 2021

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