La Linda, Bolivia


Soft pear and red apple are underpinned by hazelnut praline sweetness. Rounded and soothing with a silky texture.

As our first new release for 2021, we’re really excited to be sharing this coffee from Bolivia with you.

Grown at Finca La Linda, a farm located in the Caranavi regions of Bolivia, this Caturra lot comes to us from veretan producer, Pedro Rodriguez and his family.

Established in 2013 as a response to Bolivia’s crumbling coffee export industry, Finca La Linda was something of a leap-of-faith for the Rodriguez family – an investment in the future, highlighting how good Bolivian coffee can be.

Nestled between two forest-covered mountains at around 1,500 metres elevation, Finca La Linda is ideally situated for the kind of slow cherry maturation that leads to sweetness, clarity, and complexity in the cup. 

At harvest time, workers are hired from the local community of Bolinda to conduct many passes of the trees, hand-picking only the ripest of cherries for processing.

Couple the farm’s climate, altitude, and soil quality with a fastidious attention to detail in processing and drying, and the result is this wonderfully sweet, balanced, and satisfying coffee.



Caranavi, Bolivia


Pedro Rodriguez






July / August, 2020

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