Tuzuramane, Rwanda


Soft and rounded citrus fruit highlights are underpinned by a light raisin sweetness and a hibiscus-like finish.


Like Twitezimbere before it, this coffee is also grown and harvested by a small group of around 50 farmers with small-scale farms surrounding the village of Rukamiro in Rwanda’s Southern Province.

Here, the Tuzuramane farmer’s group have also joined together to process and market their coffee separately from the hundreds of other farmers who also deliver their coffee to the Remera washing station.

By delivering their coffee cherries on particular days and keeping those lots separate, the Tuzuramane farmer’s group can support each other’s efforts to improve their coffee quality. The group then reaps the rewards of those efforts by ensuring that any quality premium the coffee earns when sold gets returned
to the farmers themselves.

This exceptional coffee marks our final Rwandan selection for the 2020/21 season. We’re delighted to have shared these coffees with you and to have supported the farmers of Rukarmiro Village.



Nyamagabe, Rwanda


Tuzuramane Farmers Group


Red bourbon




Raised beds


June 2020


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