Worka Chalbesa


A floral and vibrant cup, opening with jasmine aromatics, supported by fresh peach, blueberry, and a sweet citrus finish.


Truth be told, Worka Chalbesa is a coffee release that very nearly never happened.

We originally bought this lot to blend into our espresso, Simple Lines, but when the coffee arrived and we tasted a landed sample, we knew we had to keep it separate.

Worka Chalbesa would certainly have done a lot for our espresso, but Yukro is still holding it’s own admirably in that department. And it was pretty clear — this coffee was too floral, sweet, and elegant to deny the chance to stand alone.

The coffee itself comes to us from a group of smallholder farmers in the famed Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia, who deliver ripe coffee cherries to a privately-operated washing station.

Like most washing stations, fruit selection is key with only the ripest of cherries being chosen for the Grade 1 lots. But unlike others, here a combination of terroir, landrace varietals, and careful processing all conspire to produce a cup that’s vibrant, elegant, and fragrant in a way that so few others are.

So, while there’s so much we’ll want to forget about this year, Worka Chalbesa will be indelibly seared into our sensory memories as a true highlight, that almost never happened.



Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia


Various smallholder farmers


Landrace varietals




October - February, 2021

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