AeroPress Gift Pack


The AeroPress is a coffee brewer of endless possibility. (Just ask the thousands of competitors each year in the World AeroPress Championship.)

Simple to use, compact enough to take anywhere, virtually indestructible, and a cinch to clean up — it's no wonder the AeroPress coffee brewer has developed a cult following like no other. 

As well as the 350 paper filters included with the AeroPress brewer, the recipient can also experiment with the Able Disk reusable stainless steel filter -- a more open filter construction that allows a richer, fuller-bodied cup.

And to keep it lighthearted, this gift pack includes a set of AeroPress brew recipe dice. Made in partnership with James Hoffmann and the World AeroPress Championship, these dice are designed to encourage exploration, trying new things, and above all, having a little fun.

Included in this AeroPress gift pack is;

  • 1 x AeroPress coffee brewer 
  • 350 x paper filters
  • 1 x Able Disk reusable stainless steel filter
  • 1 x AeroPress brewing recipe dice (set of 5)
  • 1 x 250g bag of filter coffee

This gift pack is perfect for the coffee lover in your life who’s looking to take their journey of discovery to the next level, trying out a range of recipes and brewing techniques, all with the one versatile brewer and accessories.

And if you're wanting to upgrade the giving, you can add on a Porlex Mini II coffee grinder as an extra.

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