Pour-over Gift Pack


This pour-over gift pack harnesses so much of what we prize in coffee-making gear; it’s affordable, easy to use, looks great, and allows the inherent quality of the coffee to shine.

Featuring a wide drainage hole at the base of the brewer, and straight internal ridges to help with even extraction, the Kinto Brewer helps to produce a cup of coffee that is clean and sweet, with brilliant clarity and crisp mouthfeel. 

Alongside it, the Kinto Coffee Jug is a heat resistant glass decanter that helps to ensure your coffee looks as good as it tastes.

Available in either a 2- or 4-cup serving size, this gift pack includes;

  • 1 x Kinto Brewer
  • 1 x Kinto Coffee Jug
  • 60 x Kinto Cotton Paper Filters
  • 1 x 250g bag of Bureaux filter coffee

This Kinto pour-over gift pack is perfect for anyone who appreciates a great cup of coffee; whether they’re a long-time coffee aficionado, or just getting started.

And if you're wanting to upgrade the giving, you can add on a Porlex Mini II coffee grinder as an extra.

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