About SteepShot

Introducing SteepShot — the revolutionary single cup coffee brewer that combines full immersion brewing with pressurised extraction, producing filter coffee of game-changing clarity and aroma.

By combining ground coffee and hot water in the sealed brew chamber, internal pressure builds, ensuring an even and thorough extraction. Upon flipping the brewer and opening the release valve, accumulated pressure forces the brewed coffee through the reusable stainless steel filter.

Thanks to this revolutionary brewing process, the resulting cup of coffee is both quickly and evenly extracted, while also being sweet, full-bodied, and intensely aromatic.

Designed in Norway by Ari Halonen and developed in partnership with Tim Wendelboe, SteepShot is unlike any brewer that we’ve used. A future icon of minimalist design, portability, and fast yet exceptional brewing, SteepShot is a must-have for filter coffee savants.

 Tim Wendelboe's SteepShot Brewing Guide

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