Finca Filadelfia Espresso


A rich and decadent espresso tasting of sweet brioche, toasted hazelnut, baker’s chocolate and stewed plum. A velvety, mousse-like texture finishes.


Even though we’ve known Marta Dalton for many years, this is the first time we’ve had the opportunity to work with her coffee importing business, Coffeebird, and we’re thankful to be receiving some of the first coffee they’re bringing into Australia.

Marta started Coffeebird as a way of connecting farmers and their high quality coffees to the international marketplace, and with a family history of coffee farming going back over 150 years, she’s the person for the job.

The Dalton family farm, Finca Filadelfia, is in Antigua, Guatemala and goes back five generations. The estate was developed by Marta’s great great great grandfather, Manuel, whose decision to plant coffee in the region’s rich soil and temperate climate was a response to the Guatemalan economic crisis of 1870.

When this proved successful, the Dalton family was commissioned to grow and distribute coffee plants to other local farmers to encourage production, thereby catalysing what is now a healthy and revered coffee-growing region.

When we first tasted Finca Filadelfia, we knew we wanted to share it as a single origin espresso. With notes of toasted hazelnut, baker’s chocolate, stewed plum, and sweet brioche, when we talk about espresso as rich, velvety, and decadent, this is the kind of espresso we’re thinking of.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.



Antigua, Guatemala


R. Dalton Coffee


Bourbon, Caturra




March, 2021

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