Our story

The story of Bureaux Coffee begins in 2015.

After 10 years of working with notable roasters in both London and Los Angeles, owner Tim Williams, moved back to Melbourne in December, 2015 and founded Bureaux Coffee.

Originally located in Cremorne, our first roasting space was a tiny hub of activity. Despite the size, we sourced and roasted for Noma’s Sydney residency, hosted sold out industry events, while also training and supporting members of Australia’s first coffee roasting collective.

In 2018, we relocated to Duke Street, Abbotsford.

From this location, we’ve focused our energy into sourcing and roasting coffee of exceptional quality, in an equitable, sustainable manner – an ongoing and evolving endeavour.

Today, Bureaux is a small team of coffee lovers.

Together with our suppliers, customers, and partners, we strive to produce and share remarkable coffee in a way that’s socially and environmentally responsible, too.

We love our role of conscientious participant, helping to connect the farmers growing coffees that excite us with our webshop and wholesale customers around the world.

(Pictured: Wholesale customer, Path Melbourne.)

We roast to order every week on Probat and IKAWA coffee roasters.