Sourcing & roasting

Towards equity and transparency.

From our roastery in Abbotsford, we source coffee from a small selection of coffee-producing countries. We are always striving to establish long term relationships with the growers we buy from, and aiming to pay them equitable, sustainable prices.

Paying farmers above their cost of production is not just an ethical choice, we also think it's good business, helping to create a sustainable market for the kinds of coffees we cherish.

(Pictured: Alexis Gahizi — owner of Gitesi Washing Station.)

Our sourcing happens in partnership with many players.

From growers, to exporters, to importers and beyond, the coffee we roast is the result of many people's contributions.

We're striving to better understand this complex supply chain, and the payment transparency targets we've set ourselves are a crucial early step.

Our commitment to quality means our coffee range is both focused and seasonal; a select and evolving range of the cleanest, sweetest, and most expressive coffees we can secure.

We focus on buying from small-scale growers in just five countries; Guatemala, Colombia, Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Kenya.

Our roasting is as light-handed and transparent as possible.

We aim to roast our coffee in a way that makes it sweet, balanced, and easy to brew, imparting as little roast flavour as we can manage.

While we use high quality roasting tools, and a suite of software systems to manage them, the most important part of our roasting process comes in the tasting.

Through care, attention to detail, and a rigorous quality-control process, we aim to deliver on coffee that's of exceptional quality and consistency, week after week.

We roast to order every week on Probat and IKAWA coffee roasters.