Adado, Ethiopia


Dried peach and golden raisin with chamomile aromatics. A sweet lemon curd finish rounds out a harmonious cup.


This elegant and balanced coffee is our second Ethiopian release of the season, coming to us from a group of smallholder growers in the Gedeo zone of Yirgacheffe.

The way that most coffee is traded in Ethiopia can make it difficult to trace specific lots back to individual farms and this selection is no different. Thankfully, the same system that strips coffee of its traceability also separates, grades, and consolidates it based upon quality and origin.

The result, in this case, is a lot grown by a large number of farmers, but no less distinct, complex, or nuanced because of it.

On the contrary, we think that Adado is a great representation of both the Gedeo area, and more broadly of Yirgacheffe’s renown as a prized coffee-producing region.

In the cup, we’re finding an abundance of concentrated fruit sweetness with dried peach and golden raisin highlighted by subtle chamomile aromatics. A soft and sweet lemon curd finish brings balance and harmony.



Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia


Various smallholder farmers


Heirloom varieties




Nov. - January 2021