Hacienda El Obraje, Colombia


Intensely sweet with ripe honeydew melon and purple grape, gently accented by floral orange blossom aromatics.


This coffee comes to us from a farm in Nariño, Colombia called Hacienda El Obraje, currently owned and managed by Pablo Guerrero. 

An architect by trade, Sr. Guerrero inherited El Obraje through his family and began growing coffee on the property in 1999. For nearly a century prior, the 100-acre farm had been used to grow potatoes, corn, and apples but adverse market and transport conditions made these crops too challenging to continue to pursue.

While the area in which El Obraje is located is rich in volcanic soils, the national coffee board believed that the farm was located at too high an elevation to produce coffee. Regardless, Sr. Guerrero built a small mill and planted out some sections of the farm with coffee in an attempt to demonstrate its viability as an alternative agricultural crop for the area.

Initially, the coffee grown on El Obraje was treated much like a commodity – the fruit was picked, processed, and sold with little attention paid to cup quality. Around 10 years ago, Sr. Guerrero began focusing on selective picking, fermentation times, and careful processing techniques that dramatically improved the resulting coffee quality.

Twenty years on, and thanks in part to Sr. Guerrero’s vision and resilience, the area of Tangua is now recognised alongside other areas of Nariño as a micro-region capable of growing the kinds of incredibly sweet, dense, and flavour-packed coffees that we search for.



Nariño, Colombia


Pablo Andres Guerrero






September 2020