Pablo Bamaca


Complex and layered, with dried mulberry and peach aromatics supported by a syrupy, agave nectar-like sweetness.


As we wrap up our East African offerings for the year, we’re excited to be welcoming fresh seasonal arrivals from Central and South America, starting with this full-bodied, fruited and complex selection from the San Marcos region of Guatemala.

Finca Nohelia is a certified organic farm, owned and managed by Pablo Bamaca – a producer who, in addition to growing coffee, spends his mornings teaching at the local school.

At over 2,220 metres elevation it sits among some of the highest coffee-producing altitudes in the country, where cooler temperatures and slower ripening helps create the sweet, concentrated fruit characteristics we look for.

Pablo has created a thoughtful, diverse and interconnected ecosystem on his 1.68 hectare farm, cultivating a range of crops including avocado and using beekeeping to promote crop pollination.

While this is the first opportunity we’ve had to try his coffee, it’s obvious that Pablo is a skilled producer who’s hard work really shines, resulting in the kind of clean, concentrated, and fruit-forward coffees we’re proud to share.



San Marcos, Guatemala


Pablo Bamaca


Bourbon, caturra




January - March, 2021