Sodu Espresso, Ethiopia


Impeccably clean, with fresh pear and marmalade sweetness accented by kaffir lime aromatics.


This exceptional washed process coffee comes to us from the Terbe Washing Station, located in Uraga — a coffee producing area in the Guji zone of southern Ethiopia.

Like many of the coffees we purchase from East Africa, this lot is comprised of fruit grown and harvested by smallholder farmers who all deliver their freshly-picked coffee cherries to a local washing station for processing.

On delivering their day's pickings, the farmers are paid for the weight of what they've contributed, so long as the fruit meets the washing station's standards for ripeness, cleanliness, and freshness. The coffee cherries are then processed, fermented, washed, and dried by the washing station, ready for grading, packing, and shipping by the exporter.

On tasting this coffee for the first time, we knew we wanted to present it as an espresso roast, using the longer roasting time to develop and amplify its inherent clean fruit sweetness and sparkling vibrancy.

Don't expect a classic, dark and brooding espresso style here. Instead, look for an espresso of impeccable clarity and structure, with fresh pear and marmalade sweetness, accented by kaffir lime aromatics.



Uraga, Ethiopia


Terbe Washing Station


Mixed native varieties




December - February 2021