Thunguri AA Espresso, Kenya


Flavours of syrupy, fresh mandarin are elevated by hibiscus aromatics while a pink musk stick sweetness underpins.


For our third Kenyan release of the season, we couldn't be more pleased to share this stunningly sweet and exciting selection from the Nyeri region with you.

This AA lot from the Thunguri washing station perfectly encapsulates so much of what we value in the finest of Kenyan coffees — a concentrated, syrupy sweetness lifted by floral aromatics that are simultaneously vibrant, delicate, and elegant.

Grown by some 800 or so farmers local to the washing station, the fruit that becomes this coffee is the product of rich, volcanic soils of the foothills of Mt. Kenya and the Aberdare mountain range. In processing, each farmer's coffee cherries are painstakingly sorted for ripeness and quality, before being pulped, fermented, washed, and dried under the watchful stewardship of the station's management.

While it's true that Kenyan coffees are often exceptional, and those from the Nyeri region especially so, the reality is that not all are created equal. This particular lot, however, is a prime example of the intensity, elegance, and balance that defines the justifiably exalted best in Kenyan coffee.



Nyeri, Kenya


Rumukia Co-op Society


SL28, SL34




October - December 2020