Twitezimbere, Rwanda


An elegant and generous coffee, reminiscent of sweet plum and dried muscatel. Juicy and aromatic with a long finish.


This generous and elegant coffee comes to us through Buf Coffee – a coffee producer born of equal parts necessity and indomitable spirit in the wake of Rwanda’s genocide.

Unlike most of the coffee that Buf Coffee produces, this lot is grown by just 32 smallholder farmers. These growers are all located around one village and have formed their own farmer’s group called ‘Twitezimbere’.

The name itself roughly translates to ‘we work together for development’. By sharing resources and supporting each other during harvest, then processing and marketing their coffee separately, the group is able to ensure that any quality premium applied to the price of their coffee is returned to the farmers that grew it.

While the coffee cherries harvested by this group are still processed at Buf Coffee’s Remera washing station, by delivering on specific days, the coffee is able to be kept separate from the lots consolidated with the other 700-or-so farmers in the area.

This is the first of two farmers group lots we’ve bought from Rwanda this season, and we’re thoroughly enjoying the results of the Twitezimbere group’s effort.



Nyamagabe, Rwanda


Twitezimbere Farmer's Group


Red bourbon




Raised beds


June 2020