Yukro, Ethiopia

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Well rounded with an abundance of pomelo citrus, a raspberry-like sweetness and undertones of almond nougat.


Anyone who buys food seasonally looks forward to a number of highlights each
year, whether it’s those first trays of deep red tomatoes appearing at the markets in early summer, or that briefest of windows when the asparagus is abundant, yielding and sweet. 

Coffee is no different. While here in Melbourne we have coffee all year round, each growing region typically produces just a single harvest per year. Invariably, the coffee from these crops is at its pinnacle — its most vibrant, sweet, and expressive— when it's freshly landed.

Around this time of year, roasters the country over are taking delivery of fresh coffees from Ethiopia and Kenya, and are understandably excited to share them with their customers. 

Coming to us from a co-operative in western Ethiopia, this coffee offers up buckets of soft citrus, berry-like sweetness and a coating mouthfeel.

We hope you’re as excited about our first Ethiopian release of the season as we are. 



Agaro, Ethiopia


Yukro Co-operative


Mixed Heirloom