Test Roast (Whole bean, 1kg)


To trial ideas that might improve our coffees, we often run test roasts.

These are full-size batches that are longer or shorter, lighter or darker, or otherwise slightly different than the profile we currently using and are how we see if there's an even better way to roast each coffee.

A consequence of this is that we end up roasted coffee of excellent quality that falls outside what we're trying to achieve for normal release. Instead of trashing these roasts we'd prefer to see them enjoyed, so we're selling them here at a substantial discount.

Please note: We won't always have stock available but will update this page when we do. Unless clearly marked otherwise, these are coffees are roasted for filter brewing. Test roasts are available as whole bean coffee, in 1-kilogram bags only, and may be up to 4-weeks off roast.

Test Roasts:

  • Worka Chalbesa, Ethiopia (8 x 1kg)
    Longer duration, higher end temperature